Influence & negotiation

As managers and leaders, you are constantly and consistently influencing people around you. Whether it’s helping one of your followers or customers think the idea is theirs, winning them round to your way of thinking, or just helping them do the right thing. Influencing is one of the key skills of successful managers and leaders.

This one-day course helps you to ‘hone’ your influencing techniques to get more of the right results, more of the time. The course helps you to consider and use ‘tried and tested’ influencing techniques that are scientifically proven to have worked. In fact, 100% of people who have attended this course left with at least one technique that they said radically improved their ability to influence.

What does the course cover?

  • Difference between influence and manipulation
  • Seven factors to consider in order to influence more effectively
  • Additional tools and techniques to improve your influence
  • 52 different ways to use language to influence
  • Using personality profiling to influence more effectively

What do you get?

Attendees will be given a folder workbook to complete through the session. And you’ll be given a pack of language influence cards to practise with and use after the session. The folder workbook and language influence cards can be taken away and referenced to help embed learning when the session has finished.

In summary

Napoleon Hill said, “The ability to influence People without irritating them is the most profitable skill you can learn”. This course helps leaders and managers to become better influencers. These tried and tested methods give fantastic results both inside and outside of work. Successful influencing really is the ‘difference’ that makes the difference.

How many people can attend?

This course works perfectly with 10-18 leaders / managers attending.