Managing & Leading Change

The one ‘true constant’ is change, and we all live and work in constantly changing environments. As managers and leaders of change it can be difficult to understand why change initiatives fail or don’t have the desired effect.

This one-day course helps managers and leaders of change, plan and execute change successfully. The course also helps leaders and managers recognise the importance of resilience and what helps and hinders your own personal resilience levels.

What does the course cover?

  • What is change and why does it fail?
  • Strategies to help change succeed
  • Why change impacts everyone differently
  • How neuroscience helps change land better
  • How to manage others through change
  • How to manage self through change
  • What is resilience?
  • What is the cost of resilience?
  • Does your own personal resilience look like?
  • How can you improve your own personal resilience?

What do you get?

Attendees will be given the Leading Change workbook to complete through the session. And you’ll complete your own personal i-resilience report. The Leading Change workbook and i-resilience report can be taken away and referenced to help embed learning when the session has finished.

Why should your team attend?

Harvard Business Review studies show that 78% of change initiatives fail. This one-day course helps managers and leaders of change plan, manage and execute change more successfully. Resulting in change initiatives landing quicker, being more successful and improving leader / management engagement. Leaders and managers of change understand better how to land the change and consider essential factors to engage the people who the change is happening too.

How many people can attend?

This course works perfectly with 10-18 leaders / managers attending.