Mindfulness Sales

The world has changed – How people buy has changed – Now how you sell must change

Developed from decades of sales experience, coupled with the fascinating world of social psychology and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) ‘Inspirational Sales’ uncovers what really goes on in the mind of your customers. This celebrated course is best suited to professionals who have a track record for getting results and want to take their skills to the next level.

We are all programmed to view the world around us and the information we’re presented with differently. ‘Inspirational Sales’ is specially designed to take delegates on a voyage of discovery into their customers’ subconscious, at the same time evaluating their own subconscious thought processes.

Unravelling the complex patterns we all follow allows delegates to speak in powerful language, interpret body language and become irresistibly influential in creating lasting trust with potential customers – resulting in great sales! Delegates will be able to identify how individuals arrive at decisions, create genuine one-to-one rapport and be firmly influential in conversations both verbal and electronic. The words we use, the tone of our voice and very importantly our body language all go towards constructing an holistic image of the value we are offering.

This course will prove that delivering a direct and consistent message to clients, in the most relevent influential style, will create instant results and above all lasting business.