After this course you’ll be able to make confident, modern B2B sales calls, set meetings & demos and fill your sales funnel!

There’s three ways you and your team can attend CCLAB


LIVE Online
6 X live online modules over three weeks.

£299 + VAT per person

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LIVE in-person
One- day in-person workshop – dates available around the UK

£399 + VAT per person

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CCLAB comes to you!
If you have a sales team of seven or more members – CCLAB can exclusively come to your place of work for this one-day, interactive workshop.

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What do you learn on Cold Call Like a Boss?

1. Why make sales calls in the modern business landscape – the mindset, approach and preparation needed to start picking up the phone and filling your sales funnel.

2. How to script and open a B2B sales call that has immediate impact, gets attention and creates intrigue. (Including the 15 top sales call openings that get you into a conversation).

3. How to calmly explore and move past early objections to your call. (Including sound bites for what to say to all the most common objections to your sales call).

4. Discovery first – why sales calls need to investigate your prospect’s world ‘first’ and how to create the questions and the conversations to qualify prospects in or out – quickly (Including the top 60 questions you can use on a sales call).

5. How to create depth and interest in your call using storytelling and social proof.

6. How to conclude your call and ensure next steps – shy kids get no sweets, but pushy salespeople don’t get any further in the pipeline. You’ll learn the psychology behind asking for next steps and how to secure a meeting without getting ghosted.


+ The Cold Call Like a Boss Playbook containing a complete guide to each module with soundbites, scripts, self-coaching packs and further study lists.