From his renowned workshop ‘Cold Call Like a Boss’ through to individually designed sales academies and made-to-measure training courses, Chris’s straight talking, enthusiastic and experience led approach to sales training is laser targeted at getting the outcome all businesses want – more sales!


Chris also teaches at multiple Universities across the UK, co-hosts The Sales Dojo Podcast and is globally recognised for his dedication to enhancing the reputation of the sales profession.


As co-host of The Sales Dojo Podcast, Chris chats with sales leaders, authors, mentors, speakers and leading minds in the world of sales and selling as well as sharing his own anecdotes and ideas on sales skills and experiences. Fastly becoming one of the most listened to sales podcasts on Apple and Spotify, Chris along with co-hosts Leon and Susie also have a weekly discussion about sales related social media and internet posts that have stood out that week for good ‘and’ bad reasons!