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11 Reasons Why You Need to Get Better at Presenting

Whether you have to do “formal” presentations or not, if you are in business you are repeatedly presenting yourself, your business, your products, your services, your ideas.

It could be to a new contact, a potential client, your boss, your team, an existing client, a procurement panel, or an investor.

And whatever the situation, the impact you make is down to how effectively you communicate.


Here are 11 reasons why you need to get better at presenting.

  1. You’re not getting exactly the results you want, so you need to do something different
  2. No matter how good you think you are, your competition could be better at presenting. Can you afford to take that chance?
  3. You are probably switching off prospects or clients without knowing it, which is losing you business
  4. You want more clients
  5. To increase your win rate and  secure more contracts
  6. You want to be more influential in your marketplace because  all communication is influence
  7. To deal with difficult people without the stress
  8. To make a bigger impact and be rememberedfor the right reasons even when people have only met you once
  9. To stand out from your competition
  10. To be able to resolve conflict in your team without confrontation
  11. To persuade and convince others to do business with yourather than your competitors


And there are many more……


Being outstanding at presenting has never been more important and if you are really serious about taking yourself and your business to the next level it is essential  to develop your communication skills.

About the Author …..

Cath Daley is a highly successful and sought after Persuasive Communication and Presenting Expert, Speaker, Author and Persuasive Leadership Coach whose clients have 100% presentation success rate.