Get Better – Get Busier

time to sell

time to sell

“Being busy and being productive are often two different things”

Sales can be daunting and your target can seem impossible. So, what can you do? Well, if you want to get better – get busier!

So many sales professionals I come across have learnt their craft by simple trial and error and this is one-key to success. So few I come across though have taken it on themselves to push their boundaries after 5pm. Sales is an art and a science all in one and it needs study to get to the top, smash your commission and buy those shoes!

Become obsessed – read, watch, research, practise and grow

Ask yourself –

  • What was the last book you read about sales skills?
  • Last podcast you listened to?
  • Last YouTube video you watched to help you make more sales?
  • Who was the last person you taught and coached on how you do what you do?

Analyse your day, time and actions

“But I haven’t got time!” Sound familiar? Nobody has a spare two days every month to achieve extra goals or chase new targets. Time is not lost in large chunks – it sneaks away in the cracks of the day.

  • One minute to have a brew
  • Two minutes for the extra toilet trip you didn’t really need
  • The extra five minutes staring at screen telling ourselves we are ‘researching’.

In a morning it seems like nothing but over a month these cracks of lost time add up to hours and days. Its time that is gone forever and you cannot turn the clock back to hit your target.

If a person’s target is £20,000 per month and they have 20 working days to achieve it and they regularly fall £2000 short it is easy to feel they aren’t good enough or lack the skills and personality.

However, if they need to average £1000 per day and they are £2000 short – Find an extra two days!

Before reviewing your calls, meetings, how you handle objections and your fear of asking for the business simply ask yourself – “How much time could I create to smash my target?” Is what you’re doing right now helping you achieve what you want? If not – stop! Get selling, learning, calling, knocking doors, practising, sharing and striving.

Study, worker harder and smarter and share what you’ve learnt with others and soon you’ll be achieving more than you thought possible!

Sales is the worst paid easy job in the world but the best paid hard job!