Millennials making waves

In the last week I have been blown away and my heart has been warmed by what I’ve experienced with the ‘millennial generation’. So often they’re knocked, written off and scorned but I think we should all be worried that they’re going to take our clients, embarrass us and our working practices and take the future by storm!

I was at a public speaking training event and met a young man who worked in a supermarket who was there because it scared him and he wanted to better himself and face his fears!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a young woman who had never made a sales call and was terrified but showed up to a cold Call training event, on her own, got on the phone and got a result, wow! That takes guts!!

My 17 year-old son off his own back has directly contacted businesses to offer his design and photography services (which he is amazing at) to build his portfolio and make some cash for the summer.

Millennials are NOT lazy, work shy or spoilt – look out everyone! They’re driven, self-teaching, bold and not afraid of pushing they’re comfort zone. The world is changing rapidly; they are the future, they are fearless, they are optimistic and embrace change. Don’t write them off! Support, encourage and when-ever you can – employ them, listen to them and learn!


Chris Dawson

Director 6th Door Limited