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“Sales is a lot like making love to a beautiful woman!” – Swiss Tony

How do your customers or prospective customers feel about you? Are they in a quality relationship with you? What actions are you taking every day to build on that relationship and ensure a lengthy, trusting and happy partnership? There is always a new buzz word for how you should sell; strategic selling, consultative selling, partnership […]

Just Ask!

How do you get what you want in 2017? Just ask! In the late 1980s an American corporation hired a training company to investigate their falling sales figures and rising costs. The company did business across the entire United States with 400 sales professionals covering their territories in 400 cars, each with an expense account […]

What do you sell?

“People spend money on a why not a what” Sales is agreeably about creating an emotional response from a buyer that makes them want to purchase from you. However, in business, you have to also create logical evidence about why that emotional response is correct. Emotionally, on many levels, I would very much like to […]